I have almost completed my WWF/E magazine collection, but I am either missing or need to replace a few.  Below
is a list of WWF/E magazines that I need.  I am willing to buy or trade for the magazines.  Please
contact me if you
have any of the magazines I am in need of.
Official WWF Magazine (1984-2003):
-WWF Magazine-Feb. & Mar. 1985  Rowdy Roddy Piper
-WWF Magazine-Sep. 1987  Honky Tonk Man
-WWF Magazine-Mar. 1995  British Bulldog (w/cards)
-WWF Magazine-Oct. 1995  
Bret Hart (w/cards)

WWF/E RAW Magazine (1996-2006):
-WWF Raw Magazine-May 2000  Terri

Official WWE Magazine (2006-2014):
-WWE Magazine-March 2008  Triple H (w/poster)
-WWF Magazine-April 2010  
25 out of 26
-WWE Magazine-October 2011  CM Punk
-WWE Magazine-November 2011  Triple H
-WWE Magazine-December 2011  The Rock
-WWE Magazine-Holiday 2011  John Cena
-WWE Magazine-January 2012  The Rock & John Cena
-WWE Magazine-March 2012  The Rock
-WWE Magazine-October 2012  Randy Orton
-WWE Magazine-November 2012  Collage
-WWE Magazine-January 2013  Daniel Bryan & Kane
-WWE Magazine-February 2013  The Rock
-WWE Magazine-March 2013  The Rock
-WWE Magazine-March 2013  John Cena
-WWE Magazine-March 2013  Brock Lesnar
-WWE Magazine-April 2013  Collage
-WWE Magazine-May 2013  Undertaker
-WWE Magazine-June 2013  Dolph Ziggler
-WWE Magazine-July 2013  John Cena
-WWE Magazine-August 2013  Randy Orton
-WWE Magazine-September 2013  Ryback
-WWE Magazine-October 2013  Daniel Bryan
-WWE Magazine-November 2013  Collage
-WWE Magazine-December 2013  Collage
-WWE Magazine-January  John Cena
-WWE Magazine-February  Rey Mysterio
-WWE Magazine-March  Batista
-WWE Magazine-April  Collage
-WWE Magazine-May  Undertaker
-WWE Magazine-June  Collage
-WWE Magazine-July  John Cena
-WWE Magazine-August  Collage
-WWE Magazine-September  Randy Orton
-WWE Magazine-October  The Shield

WWF Spotlight Magazines w/Posters (1988-1996):
-WWF Spotlight 1988 No.1  Randy Savage (w/poster)
-WWF Spotlight 1991 No.11  Hart Foundation (w/poster)

WWE Posters Magazines (2011-Present):
-WWF Poster Book 2011  John Cena

WWE SuperStar Series Magazines (2015-Present):
-Roddy Piper 1954-2015  Roddy Piper
-Undertaker 2015  Undertaker

WWE WrestleMania Magazines (2011-Present):
-WWE WrestleMania XXVII 2011  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania NY/NJ 2013  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania XXX 2014  Collage
-WWE Legends of WrestleMania 2015  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania Preview 2015  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania Backstage Pass 2015  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania Yearbook 2015  Collage
-WWE WrestleMania 32 2016  Collage

WWE Miscellaneous Magazines (2006-Present):
-The Best of the WWE 2006  Ashley Massaro
-WWE Photos of the Year 2006  Undertaker
-WWE SuperStar YearBook 2010  Collage
-WWE Most Awesome 1000 Things 2013  Collage
-WWE SuperStar YearBook 2014  Collage
-WWE Attitude Era - The Wildest Years in WWE History 2015  Collage
-WWE The Power Issue 2015  Collage
-WWE The Power Issue 2016  Collage

NWA Wrestling Today (1987):
-NWA Wrestling Today Vol.1, No.1 1987 (Premier Issue)
-NWA Wrestling Today Vol.1, No.2 1987
-NWA Wrestling Today Vol.1, No.3 1987