World Wrestling Federation Signature

Real American - Hulk Hogan

Hitman - Bret Hart

Walkabout - Bushwhackers

Together - Randy Savage & Ms Elizabeth's Wedding

It's All About the Money - Million-Dollar Man

Snake Bit - Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Bad Boy - Razor Ramon

No Holds Barred - Theme to No Holds Barred

Unstable - Ultimate Warrior

I Love You - Brother Love

Cool Cocky Bad - Honky Tonk Man

One Two Three - 1-2-3 Kid

Sweet Lovin' Arms - Bertha Faye

Can't Get Enough - Flash Funk

I Know You Want Me - Sunny

I'll Be Your Hero - Lex Express

Sexy Boy - Shawn Michaels

Los Boricuas - Los Boricuas

Schizophrenic - Mankind

Smokin' - Smokin' Gunns

Sumo - Yokozuna

Snapped - Sycho Sid

Tell Me A Lie - Shawn Michaels Farewell

Enough is Enough - Owen Hart

With My Baby Tonight - Road Dogg

Wild Cat - Sable

You Start the Fire - Bret Hart Tribute

Diesel Blues - Diesel

Dude's Shack - Mick Foles

Power - Nation of Domination

Corporate Ministry - The Corporate Ministry

The Dudester - Dude Love
WWE Antholgy 2002
WWE Antholgy Vol.1 2002
Attitude Signature

Break It Down - D-Generation X

I Won't Do What You Tell Me - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Ass Man - Billy Gunn

Brawl for All - Brawl for All Theme

Gold-Lust - Goldust

California - WrestleMania XVI Theme

Who Am I - Chyna

The Real Deal - D'Lo Brown

Deadly Game - In Your House Theme

The Ultimate - Ken Shamrock

You Think You Know Me - Edge

Blood -Gangrel

The Ho Train - The Godfather

Fist - DX with Mike Tyson

Oh You Didn't Know - New Age Outlaws

Burned - Kane

Hello Ladies - Val Venis

Real Man's Man - William Regal

I Don't Suck - Kurt Angle

Latino Heat - Eddie Guerrero

It Just Feels Right - Lita

Sexual Chocolate - Mark Henry

No Chance in Hell - Vince McMahon

Oh Hell Yeah - Stone Cold Steve Austin

If You Smell - The Rock

Bad Man - Rikishi

Bangin' It - Scotty 2 Hotty

13 - Tazz

We're Comin' Down - Dudley Boyz

My Time - Triple H

Rabid - Chris Benoit

How Do You Like Me Now - Hardcore Holly

Dark Side - Undertaker

Break Down the Walls - Chris Jericho
WWE Antholgy 2002
WWE Antholgy Vol.2 2002
WWE Signature

Next Big Thing -Brok Lesnar

Dead Man - Undertaker

At Last - Christian

I'm Back - Eric Bischoff

Eyes of Righteousness - Reverend D-Von

Fight - SummerSlam Theme

619 - Rey Mysterio

Time to Rock & Roll - Trish Stratus with Lol' Kim

Eye of the Hurricane - The Hurricane

King of My World - Chris Jericho

All Grown Up - Stephanie McMahon

Need a Little Time - Torrie Wilson

The Game - Triple H

You're Gonna Pay - Undertaker

You Look so Good to Me - Billy & Chuck

The End - Judgment Day Theme

Here Comes the Money - Shane McMahon
WWE Antholgy 2002
WWE Antholgy Vol.3 2002
Where's the Beer? - Stone Cold Steve Austin

We've Had Enough - Dudley Boyz

Just Want You - Trish Stratus

Crossing Borders - Rey Mysterio

Did You Feel It? - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Can You Dig It? - Booker T.

I Don't Suck (Really) - Kurt Angle

When I Get You Alone - Lita

You Changed the Lyrics - Stone Cold Steve Austin

You Just Don't Know Me at All - Lilian Garcia

We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal - Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

Don't You Wish You Were Me? - Chris Jericho

Drink Your Beer - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Put a Little A** on It - Rikishi

Why Can't We Just Dance? - Stacy Keibler

Basic Thugonomics - John Cena

Don't That Taste Good? - Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Originals 2004
Line in the Sand - Motörhead

Carlito - Caribbean Cool

Theodore Long and Rodney Mack
MacMilitant - Miestro

Just Close Your Eyes - Waterproof Blonde

Heidenreich - Dangerous Politics

RAW Diva Search Theme - Real Good Girl

Chavo Guerrero - Chavito Ardiente

The Undertaker - The Darkest Side

Eugene - Child's Play

Don't Mess With - The Hood$tars and Nicki Minaj

Shelton Benjamin
Ain't No Stoppin' Me - Lucien "Lou$tar" George

Billy Kidman
You Can Run - Lorddikim "Boogie" Allah

SmackDown! Theme
Rise Up - Drowning Pool

Gail Kim
International Woman - Dara Shindler

John "Bradshaw" Layfield - Longhorn

John Cena
Untouchables - John Cena and Big Daddy Kane
WWE Theme Addict: The Music, Vol. 6 2004
I Walk Alone - Saliva

Randy Orton
Burn in My Light - Mercy Drive

Hard Hittin - Homebwoi             

Big Show
Crank It Up - Brand New Sin

Candice Michelle
Holla - Desiree Jackson  

Torrie Wilson
A Girl Like That - Eleventh Hour

Quien Soy Yo (Who I Am) - Kaballon

No Way Out (2006)         
Deadly Game - Theory of a Deadman

I'm Comin - Silkk the Shocker

Rob Van Dam
Fury of the Storm - Shadows Fall

Mark Henry
Some Bodies Gonna Get It - Three 6 Mafia

With Legs Like That - Zebrahead

Judgment Day (2006) / CM Punk  
This Fire Burns - Killswitch Engage

Rey Mysterio
Booyaka 619 -  P.O.D.

Triple H
King of Kings - Motörhead

WWE SmackDown!
Rise Up - Drowning Pool

Charlie Haas
Pay the Price - Eric & The Hostiles    
WWE Wreckless Intent 2006
Ashley - Light a Fire

Cryme Tyme / JTG - Bringin' Da Hood T U

Elijah Burke - Don't Waste My Time

Snitsky - Unglued

Finlay - Lambeg

The Miz - Reality

Matt Striker - Teacher

Super Crazy - Muy Loco

The Highlanders - Gorse

Michelle McCool - Not Man Enough for Me

Rob Conway - Just Look At Me

The Great Khali - da.ngar

Jimmy Wang Yang - Gonna Punch Someone Tonight

Vladimir Kozlov - All for the Motherland

Armageddon 2007 Theme - The End

Deuce 'n Domino - I'm All About Cool

Gregory Helms - It's Time

Bobby Lashley - Unstoppable

Mickie James - Obsession

Marcus Cor Von - Smooth

Ron Simmons - Damn
WWE Music - Vol.7 2007
John Cena - The Time is Now

Stone Cold Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me

The Rock - If You Smell...

Triple H - The Game

Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy

The Undertaker - Rest in Peace

Mr. McMahon - No Chance In Hell

Batista - I Walk Alone

Evolution - Line In the Sand

Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down

Mick Foley - Wreck

Trish Stratus - Time to Rock & Roll

Rey Mysterio - (619)

Kane - Slow Chemical

D-Generation X - Are You Ready?

Melina - Paparazzi

Mr. Kennedy - Turn Up the Trouble
WWE Raw Greatest Hits: The Music 2007
Jeff Hardy
No More Words - EndeverafteR               

Kofi Kingston  
S.O.S. - Collie Buddz

Beth Phoenix - Glamazon

Mark Henry
The Wall - Heet Mob

Curt Hawkins
In the Middle of It Now - Disciple

Jillian Hall - Sliced Bread  

Mr. McMahon
No Chance in Hell - Theory of a Deadman  

Don't Question My Heart - Saliva

Jesse and Festus - Biscuits & Gravy

Candice Michelle
What Love Is - Scooter & Lavelle

John Morrison
Ain't No Make Believe Stonefree Experience   

Shelton Benjamin  
Ain't No Stoppin' Me - Axel

Mr. Kennedy  
Turn Up the Trouble - Airbourne  

Chris Jericho  
Break the Walls Down - Golden State

Ashley Massaro  
Let's Light A Fire Tonight - Aiden

Hornswoggle - es Ma Da     

Santino Marella - La Vittoria è Mia (Victory Is Mine)   
WWE Music - Vol.7 2008
Randy Orton - Voices

Maryse - Pourquoi?

Kane - Man on Fire

Kung Fu Naki - Kung Fu San

Kelly Kelly - Holla

R-Truth - What's Up?

Vladimir Kozlov - Pain

The Great Khali - Land of Five Rivers

Eve - She Looks Good

Jack Swagger - Get on Your Knees

SmackDown Theme - If You Rock Like Me

Umaga - Tribal Trouble

Ted DiBiase / Cody Rhodes - Priceless
WWE Voices: The Music, Vol. 9 2009
The Legacy
It's a New Day - Adelitas Way

Dolph Ziggler
I Am Perfection - Cage9

The Miz  
I Came to Play - Downstait

Just Close Your Eyes - Story of the Year

Bret Hart
Return of the Hitman - Jim Johnston  

Written in My Face - Sean Jenness  

Tiffany / Layla
Insatiable - Patsy Grime   

Ezekiel Jackson   
Domination - Evan Jones  

Evan Bourne
Born to Win - Mutiny Within

Oh Puerto Rico - Vinny & Ray and Marlyn Jimenez    

Zack Ryder
Radio - Watt White  

Natalya / The Hart Dynasty  
New Foundation - Jim Johnston

The Bella Twins
You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch) - Kim Sozz

Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho and Big Show)
Crank the Walls Down - Maylene and the Sons of Disaster    
WWE A New Day: The Music, Vol. 10 2010