Land of a Thousand Dances - The Wrestlers

Grab Them Cakes - Junk Yard Dog

Real American - Rick Derringer

Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield - Jimmy Hart

Captain Lou's History of Music / Captain Lou - Captain Lou Albano

Hulk Hogan's Theme - The WWF All Stars

For Everybody - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tutti Frutti - "Mean" Gene Okerlund

Don't Go Messin' with a Country Boy - Hillbilly Jim

Cara Mia - Nikolai Volkoff
Honky Tonk Man - Honky Tonk Man

Demolition - Rick Derringer with Ax & Smash

Waking Up Alone - Hillbilly Jim & Gertrude

Stand Back - Vince McMahon

Jive Soul Bro - Slick

Girls in Cards - Robbie Dupree & Strike Force

Piledriver - Koko B. Ware

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - Gene Okerlund & Rick Derringer

Crank it Up - Jimmy Hart

If You Only Knew - WWF Superstars
Slam Jam - Mike Stock / Peter Waterman

Slam Jam (12" Full Nelson Mix) - Mike Stock / Peter Waterman

Slam Jam (Instrumental Mix) - Mike Stock / Peter Waterman
WWF The Wrestling Album 1985
WWF Piledriver - The Wrestling Album II 1987
WrestleMania - World Wrestling Federation Superstars

SummerSlam Jam - World Wrestling Federation Superstars

U.S.A. - Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Nasty Boys Stomp - The Nasty Boys

Never Been a Right Time to Say Goodbye - Bret "Hitman" Hart

The Man in Black - The Undertaker

Speaking from the Heart - "Mach Man" Randy Savage

Tatanka Native American - Tatanka

I'm Perfect - Mr. Perfect

Hard Times - The Big Boss Man
WWF WrestleMania - The Album 1993
WWF Slam Jam 1992
We're All Together Now - The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam

Thorn in Your Eye - The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam

Diesel Blues - Diesel

The Lyin' King - King Mabel

1-2-3 - 1-2-3 Kid

Goldust - Goldust

Smokin' - Smoking Gunns

Psycho-Dance - Psycho Sid

Bad Boy - Razor Ramon

Hart Attack - Bret "HitMan" Hart

Angel - Hakushi

Graveyard Symphony - Undertaker

Sexy Boy - Shawn Michaels

With My Baby Tonight - Double J Jeff Jarrett
WWF Full Metal - The Album 1995
Dark Side - Undertaker

Hell Frozen Over - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Pearl River Rip - Ahmed Johnson

Wild Cat - Marc Mero & Sable

You Start the Fire - Bret "HitMan" Hart

Mastodon - Vader

Ode to Freud - Mankind

Dude Love - Dude Love

Nation of Domination - Faarooq

Destiny - Rocky Maivia

Snap - Sycho Sid

Dangerous - Ken Shamrock

Can't Get Enough - Flash Funk

I Know You Want Me - Sunny

Sexy Boy - Shawn Michaels
WWF Music - Vol.2 1997



Dude Love


Gangrel / The Brood

Ken Shamrock


D-Generation X


New Age Outlaws

Val Venis
WWF Music - Vol.3 1998
Break Down the Wall - Chris Jericho

Big - The Big Show

No Chance in Hell - The Corporation

Sexual Chocolate - Mark Henry

This is a Test - Test

Wreck - Mankind

Oh Hell Yeah - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Danger at the Door - D'Lo Brown

Blood Brother - Christian

AssMan - Mr. Ass

Ministry - Undertaker

My Time - Triple H / Chyna

On the Edge - Edge

Know Your Role - The Rock
WWF Music - Vol.4 1999
D-Generation X
The Kings - Run DMC

Wreck - Kool Keith & O.D.B.

The Rock
Know Your Role - Method Man

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Hell Yeah - Snoop Dogg & W.C.

Vince McMahon
No Chance - Redman & Rock of Heltah Skeltah

I Won't Stop - C-Murder

Big Red Machine - Tha Eastsidaz

Chris Jericho
Break Down the Walls - RA the Rugged Man

New Age Outlaws
You Ain't Hard - Bad Azz & Techniec

The Godfather
Pimpin Ain't Easy - Ice-T

Triple H
Game - Mystikal & Ras Kass

The Big Show
Big - Mack 10, K Mac & Boo Kapone

The Undertaker
Ministry - Dame Grease
WWF Aggression 2000
The Game - Triple H

Rowdy - K-Kwik

If You Dare - Tazz

It Just Feels Right - Lita

Out of the Fire - Kane

Latino Heat - Eddie Guerrero

I've Got It All - "The One" Billy Gunn

What About Me - Raven

Who I Am - Chyna

Medal - Kurt Angle

Bad Man - Rikishi

Shooter - Chris Benoit

Turn It Up - Too Cool

Pie - The Rock
WWF Music - Vol.5 2001
Triple H
The Game - Drowning Pool

Stacy Keibler
Legs - Kid Rock

Backlash 2002
Young Grow Old - Creed

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Glass Shatters - Disturbed

Rollin' - Limp Bizkit

Chris Benoit
Whatever - Our Lady Peace

Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie

Rob Van Dam
One of a Kind - Breaking Point

The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Across the Nation - The Union Underground

Chris Jericho
Break the Walls Down - Sevendust

Dudley Boyz
Turn the Tables - Saliva

Matt Hardy
Live for the Moment - Monster Magnet

End of Everything - Stereomud

King of the Ring 2002
Ride of Your Life - Neurotica

Just Another Victim - Cypress Hill

Vince McMahon
No Chance - Dope

Love Fury Passion Energy - Boy Hits Car
WWF Forceable Entry 2002